The Great Energion Political Debate – Question 2

U. S. FlagI’m going to continue with a question that will allow both authors to introduce themselves and their overall views. Next week, I’ll be getting very specific. Please feel free to send me questions you think should be asked. You can comment on this post or email pubs@energion.com.
Here’s the question:
What are the three most important issues a voter should consider this year in choosing a candidate to vote for at the federal level (President, Senate, House of Representatives)? Why are these issues critical?
I will suggest that the authors feel free to make some adjustments. For example, can one successfully draw a boundary after just three issues? How are the issues ranked among themselves? But each author has only about 1,000 words in which to respond, so I don’t want to overload the question.
Remember to check out our authors, Bob Cornwall and Elgin Hushbeck and their books, Faith in the Public Square and Preserving Democracy.

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