Writers naturally want to share–You benefit

Very soon you will be reading posts from Energion authors who have thought long and hard about issues facing the church and individuals, and put their helpful conclusions into books.  As the publisher of these writings, Energion wants to share with our readers some of these resources that you may have overlooked.
Beginning August 3rd, each author who chooses to participate will provide three posts.  We hope you will read these and then offer your own helpful responses.  And if you discover value, there will be links for purchasing.
So, here’s to good writing and good reading to come!

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    1. I am delighted we don’t need a log-in account. I was given a password of 12 letters and numbers, such a cumbersome thing! You are making this user-friendly. I applaud you! 🙂

  1. Thanks, Steve, for doing this. I pray all the authors will be faithful in contributing to this discussion network, and that we can be a blessing to each other, becoming more like Jesus.

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