Is love enough for any marriage?

by Robert R. LaRochelle

 Home UnitedHow important is it to discuss the subject of religion BEFORE you are married? In what ways might religious matters become issues over the course of a marriage?
There are many topics couples looking at a commitment to one another need to discuss. Among them would be: possible children, finances, each other’s personality, relationships with families of origin…and many more. In my book, A Home United: Strategies for Couples with Different Beliefs, I argue that couples need to put religious issues on the table for discussion. What do you think?
The viewpoint I espouse is a basic one: I would answer my own question by saying that it is potentially dangerous for the relationship if these issues go unaddressed.
How about having a discussion about this right here in this space?

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    1. And replying to myself …
      All you have to do is put the link to the YouTube video (not the embed code, just the link itself) on its own line in your comment.
      I do commend the interview video to those interested in this topic.

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