What is our responsibility as “children of God” to the “children of the world”, especially “children of the ‘Deep South’ ”?

by Doris Murdoch

TestifyIn the news recently, we’ve seen crimes in Louisiana with the theatre shooting, the Chattanooga shooting of the military men, and the Charleston shooting in the church Bible study. The recent disheartening events continue on. We could identify these crimes with terrorism, racism, lack of respect for the military or lack of respect for our nation and the people that live in this democratic society. How do we take a stand and how do we stop these crimes against humanity?
If we read my book, Testify: By the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony, we may better realize the importance of thinking through God’s process of change or sanctification that each of us is experiencing as we grow as Christians (or at least we should be experiencing!). Once reading the book, we need to share our experiences or stories with others; our one present story may be one of many testimonies we’ll have as Christians. The book will take each person through step-by-step directions on how to identify these experiences and how to share these experiences through a personal testimony.
The biblical figure, Paul, shares his testimony in Acts 26. Paul testifies to King Agrippa concerning his faith change when he came to truly know Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. He found that following Jesus Christ was the only way to true salvation with eternal life in heaven. He confessed his crimes of persecution against Christians. Paul allowed King Agrippa and anyone else in the throne room to hear his story of conversion, no matter the consequences. He was compelled to share his story in order to glorify God in his witness to others.
In a worship service recently, I witnessed a young man reveal his story of being raised in a racist home where one condemned those of the black race. God changed this man of the South and the racist imprint in his mind. We’ve heard the saying that God works in mysterious ways. Well, this gentleman was converted and called to serve black people in a nation of Africa. He and his lovely family will depart for East Africa to serve as missionaries in an Islamic community of Somalis this year. My heart is deeply warmed by his story. As a missionary and as a Christian, this young man will continue to grow and change in his journey of sanctification.
This man has a testimony to share. God called him to testify to the change in his life. God’s using him in a powerful way. Each of us, as “children of God”, have that same responsibility. Through story sharing, we may be able to convert or alter the beliefs in society, person by person, or one by one.
Posts that follow will share stories of faith or testimonies that may alter or enhance the belief system in each of us.

Testify: By the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony can be ordered from Energion Publications at http://direct.energion.co/authors/authors-l-m/doris-horton-murdoch/testify

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  1. Some people think they cannot share their faith because they don’t know enough. But faith is not about knowing enough, and all you have to know is your own experience in order to share.
    We often judge the effectiveness of our own actions by how many people we convince of our own viewpoint. But testimony accomplishes so much more. We just need to leave results to God and share.
    And of course sharing also involves listening to the testimony of others.
    Thanks for writing about this important topic!

    1. You stated that many feel they cannot share their story because they do not know enough. This is so true. One of my Sunday school students recently shared his testimony with the congregation. He has a strong story to share as a witness to God changing someone’s life. He’s autistic, ADHD and has several more disabilities. Odds are against him, but in sharing his testimony, he has found confidence and faith in continuing to tell his story through his poetry.

  2. Hooray for your book and your post! You are absolutely right. A personal testimony of salvation in Jesus Christ and the change it brings about is the most powerful way to win people for Jesus! My husband and I gave our lives to Jesus at a Lay Witness Mission in our church many decades ago. Our decision came about because the witnesses who gave their testimonies planted within us a deep hunger to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ like they did. These people had come from far and wide at their own expense to share about Jesus. They were of different ages and had different backgrounds, but their common testimony was that they had invited Jesus into their hearts to be their personal Savior and Lord. And what a difference each life showed forth! After our experience, we, too, served on Lay Witness teams and saw people transformed.
    I look forward to your next posts. Thank you.

    1. Testimonies are powerful ways to share the gospel. I believe God expects each Christian to share his testimony, planned or unplanned. The Holy Spirit can work in us during testimony preparation time or in an impromptu testimony. The main thing is be obedient to the call.

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