Christmas question for the day

We at EDN are in a period of reflection and contemplation for the important season of  Christmas. Our attention will be on raising certain questions that we invite you to comment on.  We will return to our series probing controversial issues on January 4th.

TODAY’S QUESTION: Which story surrounding the birth of Jesus in the Gospels most informs the meaning of Christmas for you?

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  1. It may seem odd, but for me it is probably the story of the flight into Egypt, complete with the problematic quotation of Hosea 11:1 as a prophecy, which, in context, it clearly is not.
    The reason the story is so meaningful to me, however, is that through it and that very problematic quotation, Matthew links this saving act with God’s saving acts in the history of Israel. It is not a sudden change in who God is or how God acts. Rather, it is an act of salvation by One for whom that is the norm.
    It also highlights God’s persistence. Hosea 11 is actually somewhat of an indictment of Israel. Yet throughout Israel’s history, God doesn’t give up.
    Perhaps we can hope that in spite of our many failings, God is not yet done with us. God’s saving work continues!

  2. For me, it is the angelic announcement to the shepherds. Not only did God bypass Rome for Bethlehem, but God ignored the imperial court in favor of the lowliest folk in the most despised province of the empire. Coupled with Mary’s Song in Luke 1, we see a God who works for justice in an unjust world.
    BTW, Henry–this is my idea of what salvation is all about; a thorough “this-worldy” cleanup of oppression so that humans may one day live in shalom.

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