Thursday Night Bible Study Video – on Friday Morning

— by Henry E. Neufeld, owner of Energion Publications

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Image Credit: Adobe Stock #2516415 (Licensed)
Last night I restarted my Thursday night video Bible study and at the same time completed my series on eschatology. Next week I’ll start a new study, in which I’ll use Galatians as a basis, but will look at the backgrounds of Paul’s letters and at the various perspectives there are on reading them. I’ll be posting some details early next week on Threads from Henry’s Web, and will link that post from here.
I often try to hold my own views, other than general ones on publishing, in the background. I don’t want anyone to take the things I say on video as a statement of company policy. For those who have asked, I definitely do have opinions on many of the issues covered by our authors. I choose generally to be a facilitator. In these videos, however, I will be expressing my viewpoint.
The study takes place on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm central. The resulting video will be posted here each Friday. We’ll link some of my posts here, but if you want to follow the next series, you’ll need to do so through Threads from Henry’s Web. Only the final videos will be published here consistently.
So here’s my wrap-up on eschatology. (Spoiler: I do not tell you when Jesus will return!)

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