Tabitha Edwards-Walton: I Wear Pink for You

Tabitha Edwards-Walton: nurse, mother, grandmother and poet with two books:  Poetic Life Experiences and Poetic Diversities and a new book coming in 2017!
I sat nervously in the doctor’s office, anxious and full of dreaded fear.
When the doctor came in and said, “I really do not know how to tell you this.
That lump that you found is indeed a mass.
I know this is not what you wanted to hear.”
“The mammogram confirmed your discovery.
We will have to run further tests to see if it malignant.
Go out to the receptionist area and reschedule an appointment for a biopsy.
Until the results are for sure, do not stress or increase your anxiety.”
What! He just told me the lump I found in my breast is a mass!
I already had thoughts going through my my head, but I was not to stress.
I did not get an appointment for another two weeks.
How did he suppose I keep this off my mind?
I could not just go sit in a beautiful meadow and meditate in the grass.
The biopsy verified that it was indeed cancer.
I was filled with so many emotions. I was sad, fearful,
And I felt lost and hopeless.
I thought my life as I knew it was over.
I was also relieved to finally have the answer.
I found out that it was in the early stages.
I had to have a bilateral mastectomy, with reconstructive surgery.
However, I was not bitter or sad. I got to live my life.
Breast Cancer is an evil villain, it picks on men and women of all ages.
This is for Leona, Melissa, Hazel, Debbie S. and all the other women and men
who are lucky enough to be survivors. My heart goes out for the ones that are not.
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