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Chris Surber: A Blue Christmas and City Slickers

by Dr. Chris Surber, pastor, director of Supply and Multiply ministry to Haiti, and author of A Cup of Cold WaterRendering Unto Caesar: Examining What Jesus Said About Giving God What is His, and more!
Published in the Suffolk News-Herald, December 5, 2016 in the Opinion Column:

Sorrowing Old Man by Vincent Van Gogh
Sorrowing Old Man by Vincent Van Gogh
It’s almost cliché to say that people are suffering at the holiday season.
To say, “Remember those who are less fortunate” is a kind of passive compliance with one of our more polite social norms. Give more, smile more, laugh more, have more compassion at the holidays.
Down the street a 90-year-old man is mourning the first Christmas without the shining bride of his youth. A loving mother is spending the first Christmas without her little boy who just went off to the serve in the Army. It’s a sad Christmas for Mom, because her long-ailing father just slipped into eternity.
These are real pains and deep sorrows that dropping seventeen cents into a red bucket can’t solve. We need a deep wisdom to find meaning at Christmas.  (Read more …)
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