Remembering Billy Graham

Some of our Energion authors have posted memories of Billy Graham on their blogs. I’m going to link below. I’m sure many more authors were impacted by his life, but these are the notes I’ve found. I’ll add if I find more.
Bob Cornwall, author of Faith in the Public Square and many other books, and editor of both our APC related series writes Billy Graham: A Remembrance. ” In this day when we are extremely polarized in our politics and our religion, Graham has engendered respect and appreciation even from those who do not abide with his evangelical beliefs.”
David Alan Black, author of The Jesus Paradigm and many other books writes Billy Graham. “Billy Graham is now in heaven. What a great soul. Everything for him was wrapped up in the Gospel.”
Robert LaRochelle, author of Crossing the Street and many other books called my attention to this article, How Billy Graham Shaped American Catholicism. Bob is deeply interested in Catholic-Protestant relations.

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