Carolyn Côté

Carolyn Côté, co-founder of Two Trees Ministries with her husband of 35 years, retired early from her career in obstetrics to focus on a different kind of birth. “Now,” she says, “I labor as Paul did that Christ would be formed in His people. What we perceive as painful loss is in reality Kingdom ground gained for Christ within us.” Known for her devotional style of writing, Carolyn has been published in the serial, Cup of Comfort, as well as various denomination’s periodicals. Carolyn has one previously published book, Two Trees Revealed.

Carolyn is the thankful and blessed mother of four grown children and “Nana” to five grandchildren. When not actively encouraging those around her you will find her blessing someone with one of her handmade creations. Carolyn makes her home on the temperate Central Coast of California.