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To Whom Do We Give Allegiance?

by Dr. Robert Cornwall As a child I had a classmate who remained seated as the rest of us stood to say the “Pledge of Allegiance.” While we pledged our allegiance to the nation symbolized by the flag, thinking nothing of the religious implications of our act, my classmate, who happened to be a Jehovah’s…

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What would Jesus do?

by David Cartwright           In my book on the paradoxical teachings of Jesus, there are three questions that prompted my quest for answers and shaped the course of all fifteen meditations on the sayings of Jesus. “What did Jesus say?”, “What did Jesus mean?”, and “What would Jesus do?” Although, that’s the most helpful order…

God Talk
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God Talk

Energion author Dr. Bob Cornwall is starting a series of sermons on God talk at his church, and he’s posting extensively on the topic on his blog. I’m linking to just one post, More God Talk, to get you started, but if you go to his blogs’ home page and review the most recent couple…