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Distracted from Discipleship – Blog from author Allan R. Bevere

Energion Publications’ author, Allan R. Bevere hit a bullseye today with his blog, Distracted from Discipleship: A Lectionary Reflection on Matthew 22:1-14. Dr Bevere writes: I am convinced that the number one problem in the Western church today is that we are not very good at making disciples of Jesus Christ. We are too distracted with…

Idolatry and Life
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Idolatry and Life

Bruce Epperly comments on the lectionary this week: … we can recognize that worshipping creatures rather than the Creator leads us from life to death. What is really important? Do our behaviors follow our values? For example, most parents say that family comes first; but often family and relationships come a distant second to our…


On the Pericope Adulterae Conference at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

  From Dave Black Online, used by permission. 7:45 AM Today I’m taking a much-needed break from scholarship. I’m going to spend the next few days getting the farm into shape for the haying season. My new ride mower (that was dead-on-arrival) was replaced yesterday, and I am hoping against hope that this new machine…

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He is Risen!

For Easter, we’d like to call attention to today’s sermon by Dr. Bob Cornwall, author of Ephesians: A Participatory Study Guide, Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord’s Prayer, and Unfettered Spirit: Spiritual Gifts for the New Great Awakening. It’s titled Unbelievable News. A taste: Why is this such unbelievable news? I like the…

Science, Religion, and Subjective Evidence
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Science, Religion, and Subjective Evidence

In our informal series of books on issues related to creation we’ve discussed how creation is represented in scripture, how one goes about forming a doctrine of creation that is truly Christian, and how someone who accepts evolution might reflect his in worship. Soon we will have a volume on how our understanding of God…