Useless Biblical Knowledge

by Greg May, reposted from Greg’s Watering Hole and used by permission. A while back a guy, upon finding out I was a Believer, said to me: “I didn’t know you were religious.” Nowadays that word “religious” doesn’t necessarily mean “Jesus follower” … Read More

Faith vs. Mental Assent

Note: Today we bring you a sermon from a brother in Kenya, Bishop Simon O. MacOnyango of the Kenya Center for World Evangelism. This sermon is reprinted here with his kind permission. Preached By Brother S. O. MacOnyango on 11th … Read More

One New Man

Nancy Petrey is the author of Energion title Jewish Roots Journey. You can learn more about her via her author page. Her book is on sale via Energion Direct for just $15.00 (free shipping in the U. S.), or $2.99 … Read More

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