Transforming (Mainline) Congregations

Today I present the first of three interviews with Energion authors about how mainline congregations can be transformed and can renew their ministries. As I read the responses, however, I sensed that these answers don’t just apply to mainline congregations—any … Read More

The Gospel Secret

by Henry E. Neufeld Energion Publications One of the areas on which various Energion authors have differing perspectives is the relationship of the gospels to history. Energion author Herold Weiss, author of Finding My Way in Christianity and Creation in … Read More

The Nature of Hope

by Edward W. H. Vick If the man of Old Testament days were asked how he had come by his understanding of the world, how it was that he had come to have a standpoint on the meaning of reality, … Read More

On Being Certain

Edward W. H. Vick We had gone away for a vacation, were far from home, had left it all behind and in spite of the weather were enjoying ourselves. Now it was Thursday evening. Before turning in for the night, … Read More

Sincere but Unfortunate

by Dr. Robert LaRochelle Earlier this week, a piece of writing was brought to my attention which has caused considerable reaction out there in the blogosphere. In his Parchment and Pen blog, C. Michael Patton published an entry under the … Read More

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