William P. Tuck: Let's Come Alive to Life!
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William P. Tuck: Let's Come Alive to Life!

by Dr. William Powell Tuck, friarsfragment.com, retired pastor, professor and author of  soon-to-be-released The Forgotten Beatitude: Worshiping Through Stewardship, A Positive Word for Christian Lamenting: Funeral Homilies, The Church Under the Cross, and more! Suddenly it dawned on me I was dying. I was beginning to allow routineness, habits, a style of living, patterns of observation, daily practices, customary…

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David Moffett-Moore: God of All Creation

by Dr. David Moffett-Moore, pastor and author of The Jesus Manifesto: A Participatory Study Guide to the Sermon on the Mount, Pathways to Prayer, Wind and Whirlwind: Being a Pastor in a Storm of Change, and more!   The Psalmist writes, “O God, our God, how majestic is your name over all creation!” as book-ends for a psalm…

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Does Biological Evolution Explain our World? —YES!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is part of our series on controversial questions. A NO post will normally follow a YES post. Join in by posting your comments.] Evolution and the Character of God by Allan R. Bevere Does biological evolution explain our world? I’m not sure how that question in and of itself is significant….