by Dolly A Berthelot © 2020This most dismalChristmas week 2020– Covid soars,Multitudes dieIsolation chafesFamilies stay apartTo save livesWhile some partyWithout masks,Without care. Nature rebelsAs the wiseHave long foretold.Hurricanes,Snowstorms,Wildfires,What’s next? America is cyber-attackedSecurity is sabotagedPutin chuckles,Our allies shiver.The President is silentThen contradicts his experts.Democracy seems under siege. And yet, and yet,In my unruly old basket of…

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Tabitha Edwards – Walton: The Uniform of the Law

by Tabitha Edwards-Walton, nurse, mother of a special needs child, poet and author of Poetic Life Experiences and Poetic Diversities For the men and women who wear the uniform of the law. You each have taken the oath to protect and serve. Every day you put your own life on the line, to keep ours safe. Sometimes you…

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Tabitha Edwards-Walton: Letter from Heaven, "I love you, Mom!"

by Tabitha Edwards-Walton, author of Poetic Life Experiences and Poetic Diversities Note: This is a new poem from Tabitha, not found in her two previous books.   Mom, I hope by now you understand, That it’s Okay, I am in the Promised Land. He told me that one day I would Fly Away. My father said, “I am…