If you are serious, often you cannot always be satisfied with the simplest explanation. For there is no guarantee that the simple explanation will be the best one, let alone the correct or the only possible one. So, sometimes you have to suspect simplicity. For not every explanation can be given in six simple sentences….

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Remembering Billy Graham

Some of our Energion authors have posted memories of Billy Graham on their blogs. I’m going to link below. I’m sure many more authors were impacted by his life, but these are the notes I’ve found. I’ll add if I find more. Bob Cornwall, author of Faith in the Public Square and many other books,…

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Relationships of Grace: Responding to Shauna Hyde's “Fifty Shades of Grace”

Learn More “This book [Fifty Shades of Grace] has been written to honor all people, male and female, who have been mistreated, overlooked, and unloved,” so writes Shauna Hyde as she seeks to provide a holistic approach to the healing of relationships. Scripture proclaims that humans are not meant to be alone. We need one…


Trump’s First Year

Trump is wrapping up his first year as President, and perhaps the only thing that most would agree on is that the Trump Presidency, like his election, has been a most unusual one. His core supporters still love him and see the real problem as a Washington establishment more concerned with its own problems than…


Dave Black: Quench Not the Spirit

8:45 AM As a kid growing up in Hawaii, I cut my eyeteeth on the old King James Version Bible. Even today, when I quote a verse of Scripture, the first rendering that comes to mind is the KJV. One such verse is 1 Thess. 5:19: Quench not the Spirit. Most of us doth not…

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Why We Need an Incarnation: A Progressive Vision

From Energion author Bruce Epperly, a post from 2012. Progressive Christians struggle with the stories and theology of the incarnation.  Following Rudolf Bultmann, most progressives see the angelic visitation to Mary and the virgin birth as myths reflecting the early church’s affirmation of Jesus’ uniqueness not unlike stories of other political and savior figures.  Moreover,…