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    Piglet’s Process: Process Theology for All God’s Children


    Does theology have to be dry and boring in order to be serious? Not at all! The prophet Isaiah once said, “a little child will lead them.” But, what about a character from Winnie the Pooh? Can anxious, yet adventurous, Piglet help us understand our relationship with God and one another? Theology is serious business….

  • Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors (2nd Edition)


    How can you learn to pray the scriptures? Praying from the word of God is a powerful way to pray, but how can you learn to do it? This booklet provides some scriptures and prayer suggestions to help you get started, along with some pointers to resources to help you learn more about prayer and…

  • Process Theology and Biblical Interpretation


    A short, carefully crafted introduction to what process thought can mean for building a good hermeneutic for the 21st century.

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    Process Theology and Politics


    How process theology can drive a new sense of ethics and community in our political relationships and programs.

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    Restless Spirit


    The Holy Spirit from a Process Perspective

    The biblical picture of the Spirit is one of action, change, and renewal. Are you ready to join this joyous adventure?



    Insights Toward Interdependence

    Evolving Mystical Humanist UU
    A Memoir of Head, Heart, and Soul

    An ethical/spiritual journey leading from life as a devout Catholic girl from a Louisiana mill town to a mystical humanist Unitarian Universalist. Connects life experiences with intellectual, spiritual, and ethical growth.

  • Seeking Truth


    How to Move
    From Partisan Bickering
    To Building Consensus

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    Seventh-Day Adventists and the Bible


    In debates about the authority of the Bible, people commonly argue that the Bible is inspired, even inerrant, and therefore that it has authority. Is this argument valid? Dr. Edward W. H. Vick argues that it is not, that authority does not derive from inspiration, and that terms like “inspiration” and “inerrancy” do not contribute…

  • Seventh-day Adventists Interpreting Scripture and Establishing Fundamental Doctrines


    What are the key experiences that have defined the traditional Seventh-day Adventist approach to hermeneutics? Veteran Seventh-day Adventist theologian and philosopher Edward W. H. Vick provides a brief answer to this question in this short book, with only 64 pages of text. Tracing the way interpretation was done starting with the Millerite movement in the…

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    Talking Politics with Jesus


    A Process Perspective on the Sermon on the Mount

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    The Adventists’ Dilemma


    Edward W. H. Vick provides an unbiassed assessment of the claim that you can go on speaking of the Second Advent as ‘soon’ after having said so for centuries, followed by a constructive statement suggesting a more honest approach derived directly from the New Testament. If you use ‘soon’ in the ordinary sense, you can’t…

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    The Apple of His Eye


    A rabbi and his wife, as new believers in Yeshua, are in uncharted territory and faced with questions that demand answers.

    Daniel, as Rabbi of Temple Beth Shalom begins the most unique Friday night service as his congregation sits stunned by his apology. “I need to apologize to every one of you sitting here tonight because I have loaded you down with burdens too heavy for any person to bear. I realize I have spoken many many times about our responsibility as Jews to take up the yoke of the law. But I now realize none of us can take up that burden-not even your rabbi.”

    How will Daniel now support his family? And how will they now find a place to express their newly found faith? And how will they resolve the conflict between them as each desires their own expression of worship?

    “Yeshua just broke into my life-and He overshadowed all my fears, my shame, and wounds that had been crippling me,” Naomi explains to Daniel. “When I experienced His love, suddenly I was like a ballerina. Like I was gliding and not walking. So I guess I don’t worry how to worship Him. I want my love to burst forth just like His did for me. If I lose knowing Him and His presence-the air becomes empty. There’s nothing in it. Empty air. Wasted air. But with His presence, glistening honey plumps up every molecule in the air. Daniel, I don’t want to go back to a one-dimensional delusion of reality-reality is His presence.”

    Daniel, however, cannot put aside the memory of his Aunt Luba. Having been sheltered from the Nazis by a Christian family, Daniel asks, “Did they try to convert you?” Her answer remains etched in his heart and mind: “Their religion is good for them,” she tells him. “But, boychik, not for us. We are Yids. Our Torah is full of wonderful old men with white beards-and our shuls, when young I loved watching Papa drinking schnapps with all the men-all of them dancing with the Torah. I can see them-holding scroll like it was their baby.”