Office stock books are 50% off through January 25, 2023. Extended through February 11, 2023

What are office stock books?

Energion Publications was built on print-on-demand production. This approach has allowed us to make books available at affordable prices while bringing exciting new authors to the public’s attention. We can also afford to keep good books in our catalog indefinitely without worrying about stock.

We still often order stock to have on our office shelves to provide to reviewers and to sell directly. Sometimes we get returns, especially of books that have been adopted as textbooks. In fact, after a text has been used for a college or graduate school class, we are almost certain to get a few returns.

The books you see on the page are largely recent. They’re new. They’re great books, but because we prefer to find readers for them rather than keep extras on our shelves, we’re offering them to you at a great price, 50% off the cover.

This sale will run from January 4, 2023 to February 11, 2023.