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  • Inspiration: Hard Questions, Honest Answers

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    Is the Bible historically accurate? Are there any contradictions in the Bible? If we look too closely at the Bible might we find things that will destroy our faith? Should I be afraid that some new archeological discovery will prove the Bible wrong? How much freedom do I have to interpret the Bible? Combining history,…

  • Office Stock Special: Reflections and Inspiration

    $79.98 $63.98

    ONLY 7 SETS OF BOOKS – SPECIAL PRICE $30 UNTIL APRIL 30, 2021! I have seven copies of Inspiration: Hard Questions, Honest Answers by Alden Thompson, and another seven copies of Reflections on Scripture, Dandelions, and Sparrows by Wanda Thompson. The first seven books were returned from a college store after the books were used…

  • Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God?

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    The Old Testament God generally has a rather poor reputation, even in Christian circles. But as the author points out, The Old Testament Scriptures can remain alive and will lead us to a fresh appreciation of all that God has done for us. Targeted to thoughtful readers, this book addresses a cluster of issues often…