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  • Poetic Life Experiences


    Preview/Retailers Tabitha Edwards-Walton brings us another serving of her wonderful poetry. This time she ushers us into the emotions and experiences of life. I will go through the house and turn on all the lights. Then I will go and turn them off one by one. When I come to yours. I know the tears…

  • Poetic Love Essentials


    Preview/Retailers Tabitha Edwards-Walton presents her third book of poetry, deftly applying her skill at painting pictures of our emotions into words. What is love? How does it manifest with children? With whoever is the mother and father in your life? How do we experience it when it is miraculous? When it is tragic? When it…

  • Prayer Trilogy


    Set in the late 1800’s in Colorado, Prayer Trilogy is the story of the Jenkins and Davidson families, one nearly starving on their farm and the other a prosperous business family in the city of Denver. Neither family is perfect but both know the power and comfort of prayer that sustains their relationship with God.These…

  • Preserving Democracy (Direct)


    Preview / Retailers New, Expanded, Paperback Edition Like an aging monument, democracy itself is crumbling. An ever increasing government threatens both freedom and a financial collapse. Judges are acting more like kings themselves than interpreters of the law Redisticting, voter fraud, campaign finance controls, and an uninformed electorate threaten the integrity of elections. The values…

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    Process and Ministry

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    Previews / Retailers Get ready for another adventure in process theology! Theology can transform your ministry and process theology provides a spiritual GPS to help us navigate the complexities of twenty-first century ministry and congregational life. Process theology reminds us that the physical, geographical, and spiritual limitations we experience are the womb of possibilities. In…

  • Process and Pastoral Care

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    Prices Ebook: $2.99 Paperback: $5.99 This concise book, the sixth short guide on process theology and its practical implications by Dr. Bruce Epperly, applies process thought to the calling and activities of pastoral ministry. Short and to the point as are all books in the Topical Line Drives series, this text will provide pastors and…

  • Process Spirituality: Practicing Holy Adventure


    What one believes about God shapes how one worships, prays, thinks, and lives. Dr. Bruce Epperly, who provided a very short introduction to process theology in Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God, now provides a short and succinct guide to spiritual practices for those who want to embrace and live the adventurous spiritual life. From…

  • Process Theology and Celtic Wisdom

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    Preview / Retailers The Christian life is a holy adventure. Bruce Epperly has opened up that adventure to everyone in his previous books Process Theology, Process Spirituality, and Process and Ministry. Now he connects this adventure to ancient roots in Celtic spirituality. This book takes a meditative, experiential approach to the complex, often difficult topic of process theology and brings it…

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    Process Theology Line Drives Trilogy

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    This package includes the books Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God, Process Spirituality: Practicing Holy Adventure, and Process and Ministry. These three books, each in our Topical Line Drives Series, give a brief introduction to process theology and then invite the reader to start putting it into practice in their spiritual life and in their…

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    Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God


    In this brief, lively, and engaging book, Dr. Bruce Epperly untangles the difficult concepts of process theology and shows how we can envision a God who is in relation to us throughout our lives here and in the next world.

  • Reflections on Scripture, Dandelions, and Sparrows (Deluxe Edition)

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    Art, photography, and verse meet scriptural reflection in this beautiful devotional work.

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    Reflections on Scripture, Dandelions, and Sparrows (Devotional Edition)

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    Art, photography, and verse meet scriptural reflection in this beautiful devotional work.