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    God Still Speaks


    The Key to Effective Discipleship

    Learn to hear God’s voice and live a life of obedience.

  • God the Creator: Toward a More Robust Doctrine of Creation


    A short discussion of the major issues and views on origins in Christianity with a more serious discussion of what might go into a Christ-centered doctrine of creation

  • Going with the Flow


    Have you ever tried to swim upstream? If you have, you know it doesn’t work very well. You spend an awful lot of energy to get nowhere. You don’t have to live long to realize life has lots of undercurrents that can pull you down if you’re not careful. Life keeps on flowing regardless if…

  • Grace Across the River


    The grace of God functions subtly and often through very simple human actions. For one who will listen for God’s voice, the result can be miraculous. Grace Across the River is about God’s grace and how He uses people to reach out and draw us to Him. Grace, the main character, finds herself right in…

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    History and Christian Faith


    A basic Christian claim is that God is active in human history to accomplish his purpose, which he will do in the end. This book considers some of the implications of this far-reaching claim. Christian faith is bound up with our personal history but beyond that stretches far into the past. Faith is not identical…

  • Holiness of Heart and Life


    Loving God and Neighbor

  • Holistic Spirituality: Life Transforming Wisdom from the Letter of James


    The book of James has gotten a bad rap amongst Christians, especially modern protestants. It’s often considered not as theologically serious as the writings of Paul, nor as gracious as the gospels. For some it’s too works-oriented, for others just a bit obscure. Some have even questioned whether it is truly a Christian book. Let’s…

  • Hope Beyond Pandemic, Front Cover

    Hope Beyond Pandemic


    Our lives have been disrupted by a pandemic, but at some point we will find a new normal. What will we do then? Better, what should we do then? Bruce Epperly has been writing while living through this time as a pastor, teacher, author, and grandparent. He provided some lessons for a hopeful, fulfilling life…

  • I Want to Study the Bible


    How can I get started with Bible study? This booklet is a very short introductory guide for someone with little or no background in Bible study. It provides a basic approach taken from the participatory Bible study method that is the basis of the Participatory Study Series from Energion Publications. This booklet includes a list…

  • Identifying Your Gifts and Service: Small Group Edition


    Spiritual gifts surveys are ubiquitous, but are they the best way to discover your gifts? The original edition of Identifying Your Gifts and Service was a program for whole church congregations, led by a teacher, to discover their gifts and place of service. It was not a typical scientific survey designed to discover what kind…

  • Introductory Phone Consults with Dr. Dolly A Berthelot


    Would you like a live introductory phone consult appointment of 15 minutes to an hour with Dr. Dolly about your group or individual oral communication; or your memoir, life writing or any other writing issue? Dr. Dolly A. Berthelot is an author, private communication consultant and writing coach; former communication and writing professor, newspaper, magazine…

  • Jesus’ Journey to the Cross


    Discussions of Jesus’ words and actions as he went to the cross are fairly common. What about the other players? How do their reactions connect to the critical, final action of Jesus? Dr. William Powell Tuck, who has previously written about the centrality of the cross in Christian faith (The Church Under the Cross), and…