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  • Letting Go (Urdu)


    It’s hard to find time for a spiritual recharge in the morning, but Linda Estes is here again to help with her mastery of the one-minute devotional. We like “our stuff,” don’t we? We hold tight to our material things, our dreams, and our plans for our lives. We have things all lined out in…

  • Restless Spirit


    The Holy Spirit from a Process Perspective

    The biblical picture of the Spirit is one of action, change, and renewal. Are you ready to join this joyous adventure?

  • The Garden


    What will Kamden learn next? Gardening, that’s what! In this book he learns something about how a human plants a garden but also learns about the Divine gardener. The books in the Kamden Faith Journey series are designed to introduce spiritual topics in a simple and basic way, both in terms of vocabulary and structure,…

  • This Is the Day (Burmese)


    Letters from the Heart