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  • Faith in a Time of Pandemic


    A brief guide to responding faithfully in a time of fear such as the current (2020) pandemic.

  • Friendship


    Kamden and Nana talk about true friends.

  • Going with the Flow


    Preview/Retailers Have you ever tried to swim upstream? If you have, you know it doesn’t work very well. You spend an awful lot of energy to get nowhere. You don’t have to live long to realize life has lots of undercurrents that can pull you down if you’re not careful. Life keeps on flowing regardless…

  • Hope Beyond Pandemic, Front Cover

    Hope Beyond Pandemic


    Pre-order: Please review our pre-order policy before buying. At this time, some of our shipments and printing have been disrupted, so it’s much harder to predict delivery dates. We are continuing pre-order pricing until we can be more certain. Our lives have been disrupted by a pandemic, but at some point we will find a…

  • Sale!

    Kamden Faith Journey Series – Five Volume Set

    $50.00 $40.00

    Do you need to find a good, educational, faith-building gift for a child in your life? The Kamden Faith Journey series is now five volumes, and to celebrate, we’re going to offer all five volumes at a special price. And since this happy event comes at Christmas, we’re going to discount the set deeply. This…

  • Letting Go


    Preview/Retailers We like our “stuff” around us. It makes us feel more calm and connected to our definition of “home”. And then God can step in and ask us to let something “GO!” It could be something as simple as letting go  or it could be a life-changing direction, ie, caring for a loved one. Am…

  • The Birth


    eBooks and Retailers “God’s son, Jesus, was born for all mankind,” Kamden said to Nana. “Does that mean me too?” “Yes, it does,”said Nana. Do we want Christmas to mean more to our children than Santa Claus and presents? When do we start having those conversations with them? In the Kamden Faith Journey Series’ 5th…

  • The Church Under the Cross


    The cross has always been a scandal and sometimes a source of ridicule. At the same time, it is the central symbol of Christianity. Author William Powell Tuck believes that the cross has never been more relevant than it is today. It may be difficult to preach the cross, but it is the duty of…

  • The Rebirth of the Church


    Preview Subtitle: Responding to the Call of Christian Discipleship Many negative voices predict the demise of the church, or even claiming it has already happened. Is this negative assessment accurate? Is there hope for the church? William Powell Tuck believes that there is. Drawing from a lifetime of experience as a pastor, honed by research, teaching…

  • When Hearts Heal


    Preview/Retailers “How can you mend a broken heart …” said the Bee Gees many years ago. As Linda Estes, along with most of us, knows, bruised and broken hearts are part of this life. How we deal with the brokenness is as diverse as we are. Linda reminds us that our LORD is the One…

  • A Cup of Cold Water: Being Jesus to the “Least of These”


    A “chance” meeting with a thirsty little girl on a back street in Haiti and God’s plan is received by the author, forever changing his life and that of his family. “And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup and of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to…

  • Allegheny Hideaway


    Iris Elaine Picket lives in a beautiful home, with many servants, and a husband who sees her with the same respect he sees those household slaves. The loss of her child after yet another beating from her husband gives her the impetus to take her maidservant and flee South Carolina, leaving behind her parents, security,…