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  • Seeking Truth


    How to Move
    From Partisan Bickering
    To Building Consensus

  • Talking Politics wiith Jesus

    Talking Politics with Jesus


    A Process Perspective on the Sermon on the Mount

  • Faith in the Public Square


    Preview / Retailers What happens when a newspaper editor gives his primary editorial slot on Sundays to a pastor? In the case of Bob Cornwall, a pastor in Troy, Michigan, the result is a series of relevant, interesting, and challenging essays that go well beyond the local scene while still managing to be relevant to…

  • PERFECTLY SQUARE: A Fantasy Fable for All Ages


    This amusing little multigenerational storybook uses geometric shape characters and colorful art to deal with timely, yet timeless, human issues: diversity, change, creativity, and teamwork. Squareland enjoys a simple, uniform, conflict-free life of “perfect squares”—until expectations are stunningly upended by change.  Suddenly Squares must deal with foreign creatures: Triangles, Rectangles, Circles, Ellipses, Parallelograms, Trapezoids, “Gons,” and…

  • Philosophy for Believers


    Every one of us has many and varied beliefs. Are these beliefs justified?

  • Preserving Democracy


    New, Expanded, Paperback Edition Like an aging monument, democracy itself is crumbling. An ever increasing government threatens both freedom and a financial collapse. Judges are acting more like kings themselves than interpreters of the law Redisticting, voter fraud, campaign finance controls, and an uninformed electorate threaten the integrity of elections. The values that made America…

  • The Space Between: Spiritual Activism in an Age of Fear


    Should your faith and your spirituality be a matter of simply private concern, or should they connect to social action? This book explores the disconnect between social and religious progressivism. The author maintains that both social and religious notes are essential for those who want to further a progressive agenda that creates equity and compassion,…

  • What Is Wrong with Social Justice


    What could possibly be wrong with social justice? We like justice. We are social beings. Should not our communities be just ones? Author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. maintains that social justice is not justice. When we pursue social justice, it is at the expense of true justice and in its pursuit of equality, social justice threatens…