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    Family Secrets – Divine Destinies


    What would it look like if the expression “God-incidence” was embodied in a novel? It might well be titled Family Secrets. In this fast-paced novel combining romance, intrigue, adventure, and yes, theology, Nancy Petrey brings to life the questions of God’s guidance, miracles, and the difficulties of standing as one of the faithful in a…

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    Family Secrets 2 – Double Destinies


    Two young couples pursue romance, fight evil, and seek God’s will in this fast-paced adventure/romance.

  • Family Secrets 3 – Prophetic Destinies


    Two young couples pursue romance, fight evil, and seek God’s will in this fast-paced adventure/romance.

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    Family Secrets Trilogy Group


    Buy whatever volumes you need from the Family Secrets trilogy by Nancy Petrey.

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    Grace Across the River


    The grace of God functions subtly and often through very simple human actions. For one who will listen for God’s voice, the result can be miraculous. Grace Across the River is about God’s grace and how He uses people to reach out and draw us to Him. Grace, the main character, finds herself right in…

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    Miriam Finesilver Novel Set


    Get Naomi, the Rabbi’s Wife and its sequel The Apple of His Eye for the combined price of just $25. This offer is only available direct from the publisher. The suggested retail of these two books is $42.98. Note: Books may be shipped separately, depending on stock.

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    Naomi, the Rabbi’s Wife


    He now advanced closer, his finger pointing at her. “I married a Jew, I expected she would have stayed a Jew.” Naomi’s acting career was soaring—until she became pregnant. Her boyfriend told her, “You know what to do—think about your career.” Yet after Naomi complied with his wishes, she found her career was the last…

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    The Apple of His Eye


    A rabbi and his wife, as new believers in Yeshua, are in uncharted territory and faced with questions that demand answers.

    Daniel, as Rabbi of Temple Beth Shalom begins the most unique Friday night service as his congregation sits stunned by his apology. “I need to apologize to every one of you sitting here tonight because I have loaded you down with burdens too heavy for any person to bear. I realize I have spoken many many times about our responsibility as Jews to take up the yoke of the law. But I now realize none of us can take up that burden-not even your rabbi.”

    How will Daniel now support his family? And how will they now find a place to express their newly found faith? And how will they resolve the conflict between them as each desires their own expression of worship?

    “Yeshua just broke into my life-and He overshadowed all my fears, my shame, and wounds that had been crippling me,” Naomi explains to Daniel. “When I experienced His love, suddenly I was like a ballerina. Like I was gliding and not walking. So I guess I don’t worry how to worship Him. I want my love to burst forth just like His did for me. If I lose knowing Him and His presence-the air becomes empty. There’s nothing in it. Empty air. Wasted air. But with His presence, glistening honey plumps up every molecule in the air. Daniel, I don’t want to go back to a one-dimensional delusion of reality-reality is His presence.”

    Daniel, however, cannot put aside the memory of his Aunt Luba. Having been sheltered from the Nazis by a Christian family, Daniel asks, “Did they try to convert you?” Her answer remains etched in his heart and mind: “Their religion is good for them,” she tells him. “But, boychik, not for us. We are Yids. Our Torah is full of wonderful old men with white beards-and our shuls, when young I loved watching Papa drinking schnapps with all the men-all of them dancing with the Torah. I can see them-holding scroll like it was their baby.”

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    Allegheny Hideaway


    Iris Elaine Picket lives in a beautiful home, with many servants, and a husband who sees her with the same respect he sees those household slaves. The loss of her child after yet another beating from her husband gives her the impetus to take her maidservant and flee South Carolina, leaving behind her parents, security,…

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    Please Love Me


    Margaret Roe, orphaned at the age of eight, lives her life in the same orphanage where her father was forced to leave her when he went off to fight in the Civil War. As a teacher in the orphanage, wanting something more, Margaret becomes a mail order bride. Can she help her new husband to understand that God is the essential 3rd part that holds and grows a marriage?

  • Poetic Love Essentials


    Tabitha Edwards-Walton presents her third book of poetry, deftly applying her skill at painting pictures of our emotions into words. What is love? How does it manifest with children? With whoever is the mother and father in your life? How do we experience it when it is miraculous? When it is tragic? When it is…

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    Prayer Trilogy


    Set in the late 1800’s in Colorado, Prayer Trilogy is the story of the Jenkins and Davidson families, one nearly starving on their farm and the other a prosperous business family in the city of Denver. Neither family is perfect but both know the power and comfort of prayer that sustains their relationship with God.These…