Enzar Empire Press

Enzar Empire Press is the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Energion Publications. Follow the link or click on the logo image above to get more information on this imprint.

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  • Tales from Jevlir: Oddballs

    Preview / Retailers Simple Risk: Marita is a teenager, or at least she thinks she is. Nobody knows, not even her noble adoptive parents. But she has been arrested near a bank with gold bars bearing the bank s stamp. … Read More
    not rated $10.99
  • The Experiment Station

    Preview / Retailers Is it religious science fiction, fantasy, or a new perspective on life? In an unimportant galaxy, orbiting a minor star, there’s a beautiful blue planet. On that planet there is something so dangerous that it is watched … Read More
    not rated $7.99 $6.39