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  • What’s in a Version?


    Preview/Retailers Henry E. Neufeld writes about Bible translations from his knowledge as a student of Biblical languages, and his experience teaching them to laypeople and discussing them on the internet. Many people have questions about translations because they do not understand how translations are produced. Much of the material available is either polarizing, or is…

  • When People Speak for God


    From Scripture to self-proclaimed prophets on street corners we are surrounded by people who claim to speak for God. This book discusses the theology of revelation and looks at how to sort through the various claims, whether ancient or modern. When people claim to speak for God, don’t be manipulated!

  • Where Is Your Allegiance: The Message to the Seven Churches (Direct)


    Preview / Retailers Lay persons in the church might be forgiven for imagining that the book of Revelation cannot be understood. There are many different interpretive schemes proposed, and hundreds of variations within those schemes. But the reader who is willing to spend the time will find real treasures in the study of this book,…

  • Who is Jesus? The Puzzle and the Portraits of a Divine Savior

    $5.99 $4.79

    Preview / Retailers At Easter, major magazines and blogs publish articles claiming to tell us who Jesus was. Every few weeks we see a new book making similar claims. Is it possible to know? In Who Is Jesus, Allan Bevere addresses this question from the point of view of a person of faith who takes…

  • Why Four Gospels?


    I’m the publisher of this book, so be aware of that when reading what I say!

  • Wounded by Truth – Healed by Love (Direct)


    Speak. Don’t speak. Proclaim your faith. A private faith. Be wise as serpents. Be innocent as doves. Yes, Jesus’ teachings can often be seen as an excellent example of a paradox. Author David Cartwright shares his life long study of the gospels from elementary school through seminary and as a pastor. … the question, “What…