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  • Grief: Finding the Candle of Light


    Are you separated from someone you love: mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, child, friend, pet? Separated from a career you love? Separated from a home you love? Separated from the life you thought would continue on the road you were traveling? If you are, then you are dealing with grief. Grief is the sorrow and…

  • If Your Child Is Gay


    This book is intended for both the parent newly acquainted with a child’s gay sexuality, and those parents who are still struggling to make sense out of it. It’s meant to be a reassuring book from a pastor who has been involved with these parents and issues over a lifetime. Why reassuring? Because, as you…

  • Letters to My Grandson: Gaining Wisdom from a Fresh Perspective


    What lasting words might a grandfather say to his grandson that would be lasting? What might develop from such a conversation? Bruce Epperly, author, pastor, and theologian, set out to write regular letters to his grandson during the first year of the child’s life. Letters to my Grandson is a love story describing the relationship…

  • Marriage in Interesting Times: A Participatory Study Guide


    This is a study guide on marriage. Discussions include: covenant vs contract, concepts of biblical marriage, loneliness and looking for a mate, the realities of divorce, and family in the larger community. I titled the study guide “Marriage in Interesting Times,” because we are living at a time when profound changes in the way marriage…

  • My Life Story (Simplified Mandarin)


    My Life Story by Becky Lynn Black isn’t a celebrity autobiography. It’s better. Becky’s story is a testimony. We are promised we can overcome through the word of our testimonies (Rev. 12:11). A testimony doesn’t just tell a story to satisfy curiosity. It presents a divine call. The story in this book will call you to…

  • Rite of Passage for the Home and Church


    Most of us today would agree that the children of this new millennium are growing up in a world that is filled with pitfalls and treacherous paths that previous generations have not had to negotiate. How do we prepare these children to not only survive these paths but be victorious? Father, former youth pastor, and…

  • Salvation


    A grandmother who loves spending time with her grandchildren and wants to share that God is Creator and Father and loves them. Sound familiar? Join Kamden as he learns about God, not just facts, but through the testimony of his life and his grandmother’s.  

  • 978-1-63199-079-3

    Surviving a Son’s Suicide: Finding Comfort and Hope in Faith, Friends, and Community


    An experienced pastor discusses the experience of his son’s suicide and suggests strategies for coping with grief.

  • Tending the Tree of Life: Preaching and Worship Through Reproductive Loss and Adoption


    There is nothing quite so valuable as a book that is rooted in difficult and real personal experience, constructed with sound theological thinking, and applied in a practical manner. That combination is rare, but Richard Voelz manages it in this book. Often those who are in ministry, in positions of leadership in the church, fail…

  • The Caregiver’s Beatitudes


    Cancer. Stroke. Alzheimer’s. These are just three in the list of too many diagnoses that cause the lives of the patient and their caregivers to tilt in the unexpected storm. This put me in a role in which I don’t think I really have ever excelled at. I’m the big strong daddy, the strong and…

  • The Fringe


    One woman comes to break the silence and mystery of a secret society which she joined at age 23, The Fringe. Her life in The Fringe was unexpectedly one of being judged, caged into a stereotype and shamefully condemned. Once an opera singer, her life seemed to spiral into an inescapable pit. Her stories will…

  • The Gathering


    Kamden continues on his faith journey as Nana and Papa teach him the importance of family: Father God, as well as his earthly family. Join Kamden’s family around the holiday dinner table. God bless you all!