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  • Hope Beyond Pandemic, Front Cover

    Hope Beyond Pandemic


    Our lives have been disrupted by a pandemic, but at some point we will find a new normal. What will we do then? Better, what should we do then? Bruce Epperly has been writing while living through this time as a pastor, teacher, author, and grandparent. He provided some lessons for a hopeful, fulfilling life…

  • Letting Go


    We like our “stuff” around us. It makes us feel more calm and connected to our definition of “home”. And then God can step in and ask us to let something “GO!” It could be something as simple as letting go  or it could be a life-changing direction, ie, caring for a loved one. Am I…

  • Love in a Time of Crisis and Pandemic - Front Cover

    Love in a Time of Crisis and Pandemic


    How can you talk positively with your children or grandchildren about living in a time of crisis such as a pandemic? Bruce Epperly points the way through conversations he has had with his grandchildren.

  • Love Me to Life (Front Cover)

    Love Me to Life


    How the church can respond effectively and lovingly to those impacted by suicide and related crises.

  • Marriage Equality: Why Same-sex Marriage Is Good for the Church and Nation


    Support for marriage equality is booming across America and the world. As people become more acquainted with gays and lesbians, they find their attitudes shifting and are rethinking their opposition not only to same-sex marriage but to gay rights in general. This book introduces the gay community to those who want to know more about…

  • Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors (2nd Edition)


    How can you learn to pray the scriptures? Praying from the word of God is a powerful way to pray, but how can you learn to do it? This booklet provides some scriptures and prayer suggestions to help you get started, along with some pointers to resources to help you learn more about prayer and…

  • Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors (PDF)


    Original PDF pamphlet version of FastTracts booklet by the same title. You have permission to copy and print this as much as you want as long as it is not modified in content, other than to fill in the personalization section. Booklet Version: Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors (2nd Edition) Pamphlet Content: For our struggle…

  • Restless Spirit


    The Holy Spirit from a Process Perspective

    The biblical picture of the Spirit is one of action, change, and renewal. Are you ready to join this joyous adventure?

  • The Birth


    “God’s son, Jesus, was born for all mankind,” Kamden said to Nana. “Does that mean me too?” “Yes, it does,”said Nana. Do we want Christmas to mean more to our children than Santa Claus and presents? When do we start having those conversations with them? In the Kamden Faith Journey Series’ 5th book, The Birth,…

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    The End of the Scroll: Biblical Apocalyptic Trajectories


    A comprehensive study of the thinking, symbolism, and imagery that went into apocalyptic writing and thinking in the Bible, covering books such as Ezekiel, Zechariah, Daniel, the Synoptic Gospels, Hebrews, Paul’s letters, and Revelation.

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    The Forgotten Third


    Developing a Biblical Relationship with God the Holy Spirit

  • The Garden


    What will Kamden learn next? Gardening, that’s what! In this book he learns something about how a human plants a garden but also learns about the Divine gardener. The books in the Kamden Faith Journey series are designed to introduce spiritual topics in a simple and basic way, both in terms of vocabulary and structure,…