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  • The Unbroken Road


    “I turned the corner. The aisle stretched before me as the music escalated. My white slippers brushed over the red roses.My heart thumped. I had waited so long for this moment. Had I really made it this far? Hundreds of eyes twinkled their approval.But did they really think I was crazy? I could almost hear…

  • The Vicar of Tent Town (Direct)


    Preview / Retailers What would you think if your pastor spent the night in tent town? Pastor Shauna Hyde brings her experience in, not only ministering to the homeless, but becoming such a welcome part of their world, that she is known as “The Vicar of Tent Town.” I struggle to be accepting and understanding…

  • Tithing After the Cross


    Read Now   Some in the church find it very difficult to talk about money, but it’s a subject that cannot be avoided. The church needs money to continue to function. Missionaries need money to carry the gospel. As a result, however reluctant we are to talk about it, we have to do so. And…

  • To Date or Not to Date: What the Bible Says about Premarital Relationships


    Not content to just say “no,” Kevin Brown sets about to give us a positive view of godly relationships. What does the Bible suggest about the way we should go about finding a partner? How should children and young people behave? What are the responsibilities of parents? Kevin Brown believes there are positive principles we…

  • To Love and Cherish


    Preview/Other Retailers Subtitle: Ephesians 5 and the Challenge of Christian Marriage There are few topics where good advice is more needed than that of Christian marriage. At the same time there are few topics about which the answers given are as scattered and unclear. In this short but comprehensive volume, Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., tackles one…

  • Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord’s Prayer (Direct)


    “Prayer changes things.” It’s a common saying, and too often Christian discussion of prayer deals only with how we can change other things and other people through prayer. But what if prayer is much more than we imagine? What if it is also the means of correcting our relationship to the Creator and at the…

  • Victim No More - Front Cover

    Victim No More!


    A Colorado native, Shauna Hyde grew up with three brothers, no sisters, and a father who was a pastor of a local community church. She was taught that women married for life and no woman she knew was a pastor. This ‘normal’ crashed around her when her first husband left her with a newborn baby…

  • Walking in God’s Grace: Practical Answers to Tough Questions


    What does God’s grace mean to you? This question has often brought confusion and controversy to Christians everywhere. The team at World Prayr want you to understand just how amazing God’s grace is. They want to dispel any confusion. They would like you to understand that you too can walk in God’s grace, but only…

  • What Is Love?


    eBooks / Retailers What is love? Kamden is now at the age when the world is beginning to tell him its ideas of love. But Kamden loves his Nana and the definitions are not adding up – so he goes to her with his question: What is love

  • Whispers of Rest in the Storm

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    Preview / Retailers Can you honestly say that you know how to rest? Truly rest — physically, emotionally, spiritually? Devotions come in many styles and sizes. Some are like a bucket of cold water thrown at you in your bed, prodding you to wake up, get going, and meet the challenges of the day. Others…

  • Why Christians Should Care about Their Jewish Roots


    Preview / Retailers Why should you care about the Jewish roots of Christianity? Jesus was Jewish. Most of the Bible was written by Jews and in Hebrew. Most of the early Christian leaders were Jews. Even Paul, called the Apostle to the Gentiles, would visit the synagogue first and preach there, and he wrote with…

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    Why Doesn’t God Do Something?: A Bold and Honest Look at the Eternal Question


    Through the course of over fifty-five years of pastoral ministry, many have come to me with aching hearts and burning questions. It had nothing to do with abandoning their faith, but everything to do with finding a place in that faith for the kinds of questions that would not go away. With the gentleness of…