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  • Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors (2nd Edition)


    How can you learn to pray the scriptures? Praying from the word of God is a powerful way to pray, but how can you learn to do it? This booklet provides some scriptures and prayer suggestions to help you get started, along with some pointers to resources to help you learn more about prayer and…

  • Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors (PDF)


    Original PDF pamphlet version of FastTracts booklet by the same title. You have permission to copy and print this as much as you want as long as it is not modified in content, other than to fill in the personalization section. Booklet Version: Prayer Scriptures for Prayer Warriors (2nd Edition) Pamphlet Content: For our struggle…

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    The Forgotten Third


    Developing a Biblical Relationship with God the Holy Spirit

  • Directed Paths


    You have heard people claim to live a life of prayer, but does prayer actually make a difference? Do real people carry out their lives guided by prayer and God’s providence? Author Myrtle Blabey Neufeld lived just such a life and has written the stories of many of her experiences as a missionary nurse married…

  • Habitation of Honey


    Habitation of Honey can be one of the means God uses to prepare the way of the Lord. As John the Baptist in the wilderness ate wild HONEY, he was growing strong in spirit for the day he would recognize the Messiah. He immersed himself in the Word of God, “honey” for his soul, so…

  • I Want to Pray!


    I co-authored this book and can say that it is about as basic a guide to prayer as you’ll get. It is designed for the person who is thinking, “I want to pray, but how do I start?”

  • Lord, I Keep Getting a Busy Signal


    Do you feel like your prayers are not heard? Prayer has often been described simply as communicating with God. How many of us talk to God daily? If we did not speak to our spouse daily, how much would we know about her/him? Dr William Powell Tuck brings not only years of studying the Scripture…

  • One World: The Lord’s Prayer from a Process Perspective


      Can you imagine reading the Lord’s Prayer as a gateway to adventure? Bruce Epperly, who has introduced process theology to the masses through concise, readable guides, presents this well-known prayer through a vision of a relational, open-spirited, profoundly personal, always creative, and forward-looking God, who invites us to be companions in the holy adventure…

  • Pathways to Prayer


    Prayer is the one essential of the Christian life. In fact, David Moffett-Moore maintains, it is an essential of life itself, as essential to us as spiritual beings as breathing is to us physically. Prayer can be found in any of our activities. It is not something we need to learn, but something we need…

  • Study Guide to Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord’s Prayer


    Since its publication, Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord’s Prayer by Robert D. Cornwall has been used frequently for Lenten studies. Now the author presents a short study guide, six or seven weeks in length, to help you get the most out of your study.

  • The Honeycomb Is Waiting: Poetic Devotionals


    Writing good devotional material is an art. Devotionals need to be engaging, challenging, and informative, all the while meeting the needs of a variety of people. Nancy Petrey approaches devotional writing as a poet, a musician, and an avid student of God’s Word. In The Honeycomb is Waiting, she brings her gifts of music and…

  • Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord’s Prayer


    “Prayer changes things.” It’s a common saying, and too often Christian discussion of prayer deals only with how we can change other things and other people through prayer. But what if prayer is much more than we imagine? What if it is also the means of correcting our relationship to the Creator and at the…