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  • Classic Devotions


    A Thirteen-Week Devotional and Introduction to Classic Theologians and Mystics of Christian History

  • Going with the Flow


    Have you ever tried to swim upstream? If you have, you know it doesn’t work very well. You spend an awful lot of energy to get nowhere. You don’t have to live long to realize life has lots of undercurrents that can pull you down if you’re not careful. Life keeps on flowing regardless if…

  • Jesus’ Journey to the Cross


    Discussions of Jesus’ words and actions as he went to the cross are fairly common. What about the other players? How do their reactions connect to the critical, final action of Jesus? Dr. William Powell Tuck, who has previously written about the centrality of the cross in Christian faith (The Church Under the Cross), and…

  • Letting Go


    We like our “stuff” around us. It makes us feel more calm and connected to our definition of “home”. And then God can step in and ask us to let something “GO!” It could be something as simple as letting go  or it could be a life-changing direction, ie, caring for a loved one. Am I…

  • Letting Go (Urdu)


    It’s hard to find time for a spiritual recharge in the morning, but Linda Estes is here again to help with her mastery of the one-minute devotional. We like “our stuff,” don’t we? We hold tight to our material things, our dreams, and our plans for our lives. We have things all lined out in…

  • Taking a Walk with Whitehead


    Meditations with Process-Relational Theology

    Process-relational theology meets day-to-day spiritual needs and encourages growth and wholeness.

  • This Is the Day - Front Cover

    This Is the Day …


    Subtitle: Letters from the Heart ISBN: 978-1-63199-626-9 How can you live a well-blessed life when you’re in your teens? “I wish I knew then what I know now” is the whole premise of this book which Linda writes to the younger audience. She writes to teens and young adults because Linda was 15 when her…

  • This Is the Day (Burmese)


    Letters from the Heart

  • When Hearts Heal


    “How can you mend a broken heart …” said the Bee Gees many years ago. As Linda Estes, along with most of us, knows, bruised and broken hearts are part of this life. How we deal with the brokenness is as diverse as we are. Linda reminds us that our LORD is the One who…

  • 52 Weeks of Ordinary People – Extraordinary God


    Jody Neufeld shares from her heart “ordinary moments with an extraordinary God.” Upon her retirement from nursing and then beginning into ministry with her husband Henry, a Biblical teacher, Jody felt the Lord urging her to share a daily devotion with people she knew still in an outside workplace. “I know that when I was…

  • Crewed Awakening


    Fishing, family, love, personal, real!

  • Daily Devotions of Ordinary People – Extraordinary God


    What began as 5 minute devotions that she shared with her friends 5-7 days/week, grew into sharing with hundreds of people who, in turn, passed it on to their friends. Jody shared her heart and her conversations with God. And not always with a sweet, “Yes, LORD!” Through her busy life as a mother of…