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  • Bruce Epperly on Faith, Hope, and Love in a Time of Crisis

    Faith, Hope, and Love in Crisis Package


    What could be more helpful in a time of crisis than to think about faith, hope, and love, and apply them to living? This package includes three books (paperback edition) by Dr. Bruce Epperly written in a time of pandemic, but also valuable for thinking about life in any time of crisis. The retail price…

  • Fifty Shades of Grace


    Fifty Shades of Grace provides a scriptural look at what the Bible says about relationships. Too often in the education of relationships, abusive and unhealthy relationships if discussed are not done so with enough depth. This book will compare what society tells us, in the form of entertainment and media, with what God tells us…

  • Finding God in Suffering: A Journey with Job


    Death. Illness. Divorce. Unexpected. Undeserved. In this world there is going to be suffering and pain. As a person of faith, we are not exempt from that undeniable fact. What do we do? Where is God when the pain is unbearable and the night so long? How do we reach out to others with something…

  • Healing Marks


    Bruce Epperly calls Healing Marks a “very personal book” as it comes from over thirty years of experiencing the healing stories of Jesus. From his early years as a young college professor, he sought to make sense of the growing interest in complementary and alternative medicine. For seventeen years, Bruce was a chaplain and professor…

  • Victim No More - Front Cover

    Victim No More!


    A Colorado native, Shauna Hyde grew up with three brothers, no sisters, and a father who was a pastor of a local community church. She was taught that women married for life and no woman she knew was a pastor. This ‘normal’ crashed around her when her first husband left her with a newborn baby…

  • What’s God Really Like: Unique Insights Into His Fascinating Personality


    God loves to be sought after! And it’s the exploration of the mysteries of who He really is that will not only create in you a holy curiosity and awe, but will also combat boredom in your life. There is nothing you can experience that is more invigorating than having God reveal Himself to you….

  • Whispers of Rest in the Storm


    Can you honestly say that you know how to rest? Truly rest — physically, emotionally, spiritually? Devotions come in many styles and sizes. Some are like a bucket of cold water thrown at you in your bed, prodding you to wake up, get going, and meet the challenges of the day. Others give you something…

  • Why Doesn’t God Do Something?: A Bold and Honest Look at the Eternal Question


    Many people have serious questions about whether prayer works and how it does. This book, based on 55 years of the author’s ministry looks at providing a way to ask challenging questions within one’s faith. “Through the course of over fifty-five years of pastoral ministry,” says the author, Dr. Ron Higdon, “many have come to…