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  • The Sacred Journey


    The Sacred Journey is a collection of insights, thoughts, and personal experiences centered on and emanating from the Beatitudes of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. Within its pages we are invited to consider the radical love with which God pursues His creation. God in Jesus Christ was determined to make a way for…

  • The Third Way: A 14-Day Mission Pilgrimage Prayer Journal


    It’s difficult to be a pilgrim in a consumer world. A pilgrim is someone who looks more toward the destination than his present place. A consumer sets up shop as he secures more to consume, and invests his time, resources, and energy into guaranteeing there will always be more to consume. In Luke 17:33 Jesus…

  • The Vicar of Tent Town


    What would you think if your pastor spent the night in tent town? Pastor Shauna Hyde brings her experience in, not only ministering to the homeless, but becoming such a welcome part of their world, that she is known as “The Vicar of Tent Town.” I struggle to be accepting and understanding when organizations refuse…

  • Unlike Jesus: Let’s Stop Unfriending the World


    Tired of eating only Christian casseroles, listening only to Christian music, and having only Christian companions? Then why not try something radical — like being a friend of sinners like Jesus was? Unlike Jesus makes a convincing and convicting case that we who love Jesus must also love the lost — and must stop cocooning…

  • Sale!

    Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions?


    Everyone is called to be a missionary, and that call comes at the same time as the call to follow Jesus. The church in America has come to depend on professionals to “do ministry.” In many churches, the pastor, paid to do the job, is the one who is expected to carry out all functions…