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  • Christian Faith for Adolescents (Direct)

    Preview/Other Retailers Pastor and author Bob LaRochelle believes that young people are much like adults in that we battle constantly with many questions. Some of these questions go well beyond “what” to ask some ultimate “why” questions. Whether we aim … Read More
    not rated $9.99
  • Conversations with my Grandchildren About God, Religion, and Life

    Preview / Retailers Passing our faith from generation to generation is difficult. It has been this way from the time that Cain killed his brother, through Israel’s call for a king because Samuel’s sons were not like him, up to … Read More
    not rated $12.99 $10.39
  • It’s in the Bag

    We carry our purses everywhere. We don’t leave home without them. They are as diverse and unique as we are. A purse can truly reflect who we are. Is it smooth, black leather or bold pink flowers? Does it hang … Read More
    not rated $5.99
  • Salvation

    eBooks / Retailers A grandmother who loves spending time with her grandchildren and wants to share that God is Creator and Father and loves them. Sound familiar? Join Kamden as he learns about God, not just facts, but through the … Read More
    not rated $12.99
  • The Character of Our Discontent (Direct)

    Preview / The Character of Our Discontent grew out of the author’s conviction that pastors do not preach enough about the Old Testament. The result is 19 chapters, each of which represents a sermon on an Old Testament character. These … Read More
    not rated $12.99
  • The Unbroken Road

    “I turned the corner. The aisle stretched before me as the music escalated. My white slippers brushed over the red roses.My heart thumped. I had waited so long for this moment. Had I really made it this far? Hundreds of … Read More
    not rated $12.99