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  • Hope Beyond Pandemic, Front Cover

    Hope Beyond Pandemic


    Our lives have been disrupted by a pandemic, but at some point we will find a new normal. What will we do then? Better, what should we do then? Bruce Epperly has been writing while living through this time as a pastor, teacher, author, and grandparent. He provided some lessons for a hopeful, fulfilling life…

  • Process Theology and Politics


    How process theology can drive a new sense of ethics and community in our political relationships and programs.

  • A Short Critique of Climate Change (Direct)

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    Climate Change has become a major topic of debate in today’s politics, with some advocating serious changes in policy in response to it, and others suggesting that scientists and politicians are misreading, misrepresenting, and misapplying the data. Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. is not afraid to challenge scientific orthodoxy, and in fact believes it is very important…

  • Christian Archy

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    What is the Kingdom of God? What does it mean to be part of the kingdom? These are questions that should occupy the mind of every Christian. But we frequently shy away from the full meaning of God’s rule. In Christian Archy, Dr. David Alan Black examines the New Testament to find the truly radical…

  • Faith in the Public Square


    Preview / Retailers What happens when a newspaper editor gives his primary editorial slot on Sundays to a pastor? In the case of Bob Cornwall, a pastor in Troy, Michigan, the result is a series of relevant, interesting, and challenging essays that go well beyond the local scene while still managing to be relevant to…

  • Preserving Democracy


    New, Expanded, Paperback Edition Like an aging monument, democracy itself is crumbling. An ever increasing government threatens both freedom and a financial collapse. Judges are acting more like kings themselves than interpreters of the law Redisticting, voter fraud, campaign finance controls, and an uninformed electorate threaten the integrity of elections. The values that made America…

  • Rendering Unto Caesar: Examining What Jesus Said about Giving God What Is His


    “What does it mean to render to Caesar what is his and render to God what is His? How a believer understands this text will, to a large degree, determine how they will approach matters of nationalism and politics as they follow Jesus.” – Dr Chris Surber Matthew 22:15-22 is a passage usually seen as…

  • The Politics of Witness

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    Preview / Retailers Can a church that is compromised through dependence on temporal, political power speak with a powerful prophetic voice in the world? As the body of Christ, the church has a prophetic role in the world. Prophets have always spoken clearly to people in power. They have been willing to challenge the decisions…

  • What Is Wrong with Social Justice


    Preview / Retailers What could possibly be wrong with social justice? We like justice. We are social beings. Should not our communities be just ones? Author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. maintains that social justice is not justice. When we pursue social justice, it is at the expense of true justice and in its pursuit of equality,…