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  • The Rebirth of the Church


    Preview Subtitle:┬áResponding to the Call of Christian Discipleship Many negative voices predict the demise of the church, or even claiming it has already happened. Is this negative assessment accurate? Is there hope for the church? William Powell Tuck believes that there is. Drawing from a lifetime of experience as a pastor, honed by research, teaching…

  • The Variety of Christian Views on Origins


    (This was originally God the Creator, which is the title shown on the PDF below, but the booklet will have the new title The Variety of Christian Views on Origins.) A non-judgmental look at various views on creation held by Christians. This pamphlet examines the major views and some of the essentials that unite us…

  • What Is the Word of God?

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    What is the Word of God? Is it the Bible? This pamphlet looks at the Word of God as used in scripture and Christian tradition to outline the various ways in which this term is used. It includes a discussion of how words spoken as God’s words become scripture. The FastTracts series is being developed…

  • A Holy Mystery: Taking Apart the Trinity


    A pastor says, “If you think you understand the trinity, you’ve probably fallen into heresy.” An expert in biblical studies says, “The trinity is one of the best ways ever invented to say, ‘We don’t have a clue!’” Many people say the trinity is not found in the Bible, so what is it doing as…

  • Angels, Mysteries, and Miracles: A Progressive Vision


    There is a tendency among modern Christians to avoid comment on the idea of miracles or mysterious events that might indicate the direct intervention of God. There is an even more pronounced belief that modern liberal or progressive Christians will avoid these ideas. A God who is distant, the source of everything, is acceptable, but…

  • Christian Archy

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    Preview/Other Retailers What is the Kingdom of God? What does it mean to be part of the kingdom? These are questions that should occupy the mind of every Christian. But we frequently shy away from the full meaning of God’s rule. In Christian Archy, Dr. David Alan Black examines the New Testament to find the…

  • Christianity and Secularism


    Christianity and Secularism is the second volume in the Consider Christianity series, written by Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. It focuses on the evidences for the Christian faith and the conflict between Christianity and secularism. Hushbeck believes that there is good evidence on which to base a belief in Jesus and in the basic doctrines of Christianity….

  • Creation in Contemporary Experience


    Preview / Retailers Do the things we believe about God as creator make any difference in the way we act in the world? Yes, what we believe about God as creator impacts our theology and action in many ways. In this book, Dr. David Moffett-Moore will examine some of these implications by looking at topics…

  • Creation in Scripture


    Preview / Retailers The creation-evolution controversy is one of the most contentious in Christianity. It may appear to many to be much less important than issues with more direct moral implications. Yet how we view the relationship between science and religion will have a significant impact on how we live and on how we understand…

  • Creation: The Christian Doctrine


    A comprehensive look at theological considerations regarding creation and origins.

  • Ditch the Building


    Subtitle: Seven Ways the Church Could Go Rogue and Change Everything Sometimes going radical means getting to the root. Sometimes it means pulling something up by the roots. What is it that is keeping you from doing what God wants you to do? There are many books about how to do church “right.” There are…

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    Eschatology: A Participatory Study Guide


    In this first volume of the Participatory Study Series to deal with a doctrine rather than with a book of the Bible, Dr. Edward W. H. Vick tackles the very difficult subject of eschatology, or last things. This is not your usual outline of someone’s idea of what will happen at the end of the…