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  • Beauty and Process Theology

    Beauty and Process Theology


    Is it possible to think of God as beautiful? We tend to think of God with superlatives, such as omnipotence, omniscience, and infinity. By their very nature, these words tend to also make us see God as distant. It seems almost sacrilegious to speak of God in the terms we might use for any other…

  • Choosing Life

    Choosing Life


    Why we should embrace ecological civilization, written from a process perspective

  • Piglet’s Process: Process Theology for All God’s Children

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    Does theology have to be dry and boring in order to be serious? Not at all! The prophet Isaiah once said, “a little child will lead them.” But, what about a character from Winnie the Pooh? Can anxious, yet adventurous, Piglet help us understand our relationship with God and one another? Theology is serious business….

  • Process Theology and Biblical Interpretation


    A short, carefully crafted introduction to what process thought can mean for building a good hermeneutic for the 21st century.

  • Process Theology and Politics


    How process theology can drive a new sense of ethics and community in our political relationships and programs.

  • Angels, Mysteries, and Miracles: A Progressive Vision


    There is a tendency among modern Christians to avoid comment on the idea of miracles or mysterious events that might indicate the direct intervention of God. There is an even more pronounced belief that modern liberal or progressive Christians will avoid these ideas. A God who is distant, the source of everything, is acceptable, but…

  • Jonah: When God Changes


    What if someone you thought you knew very well started behaving strangely? What would you do? Now suppose the person acting strange was — God? Jonah thought he knew God. In fact, he was a prophet. He knew he heard God’s voice. Life might have its difficulties, but no matter what happened, he could count…

  • One World: The Lord’s Prayer from a Process Perspective

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      Can you imagine reading the Lord’s Prayer as a gateway to adventure? Bruce Epperly, who has introduced process theology to the masses through concise, readable guides, presents this well-known prayer through a vision of a relational, open-spirited, profoundly personal, always creative, and forward-looking God, who invites us to be companions in the holy adventure…

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    Process and Ministry


    Get ready for another adventure in process theology! Theology can transform your ministry and process theology provides a spiritual GPS to help us navigate the complexities of twenty-first century ministry and congregational life. Process theology reminds us that the physical, geographical, and spiritual limitations we experience are the womb of possibilities. In the concreteness of…

  • Process and Pastoral Care

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    Prices Paperback: $5.99 This concise book, the sixth short guide on process theology and its practical implications by Dr. Bruce Epperly, applies process thought to the calling and activities of pastoral ministry. Short and to the point as are all books in the Topical Line Drives series, this text will provide pastors and others involved…

  • Process Spirituality: Practicing Holy Adventure


    What one believes about God shapes how one worships, prays, thinks, and lives. Dr. Bruce Epperly, who provided a very short introduction to process theology in Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God, now provides a short and succinct guide to spiritual practices for those who want to embrace and live the adventurous spiritual life. From…

  • Process Theology and Celtic Wisdom

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    Preview / Retailers The Christian life is a holy adventure. Bruce Epperly has opened up that adventure to everyone in his previous books Process Theology, Process Spirituality, and Process and Ministry. Now he connects this adventure to ancient roots in Celtic spirituality. This book takes a meditative, experiential approach to the complex, often difficult topic of process theology and brings it…