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  • Cosmic Conflict (PDF)


    A context for the Christian life and spiritual warfare dealing with the fall of mankind and the conflict between good and evil. It is designed to be printed on 8 1/2 x 14 paper and folded in four. The content of the PDF is shown below. When this pamphlet has been converted to a FastTracts…

  • The Rebirth of the Church


    Preview Subtitle:┬áResponding to the Call of Christian Discipleship Many negative voices predict the demise of the church, or even claiming it has already happened. Is this negative assessment accurate? Is there hope for the church? William Powell Tuck believes that there is. Drawing from a lifetime of experience as a pastor, honed by research, teaching…

  • Reframing a Relevant Faith


    Many people expect faith to be inflexible and unchanging. It is relevant because it always has been, at least to them. To admit change is to bring on the end of faith and all of its benefits. Others believe that a relevant faith is by nature shallow and unrooted. Author and educator Drew Smith disagrees….

  • The River of Life: Where Liberal and Conservative Christianity Meet


    Are liberals who call themselves Christian truly Christian? Do liberal Christians care about the Bible? Why? Twice before Lee Harmon has written about Christian topics, once on the gospel of John and once on the book of Revelation. Lee finds that both conservative and liberal Christians often have a dismissive attitude toward one another, and…

  • To Be or Not to Be: The Adventure of Christian Existentialism


    Is there such a thing as Christian existentialism? Existentialism is a philosophical school of thought unique in being based on feeling and experience rather than on the traditional foundations of philosophy. Many of its proponents have been atheists or can be considered opponents of religion. With this history, can there be such a thing as…