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  • Doing Apologetics

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    Christian apologetics suffers from a reputation for loud arguments, canned answers, and a fascination with technical details. Some Christians avoid apologetics because they are either concerned about offending people, or because they are afraid they will be unable to answer technical questions. These concerns and fears are unnecessary. Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., unapologetic Christian apologist points…

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    Ephesians: A Participatory Study Guide


    Following the outlines of the Participatory Study Method, Dr. Robert Cornwall presents a study guide to the book of Ephesians that is both usable and challenging while not skirting the difficult issues. These eight lessons take you through the letter leading from the history and background to modern application and sharing in corporate study and…

  • Finding Stability in Uncertain Times


    Subtitle: Some Things That Hold Firm When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart What should you do when everything seems to be shifting and you can’t find solid ground? Some try to pretend the shifting things are truly solid. Some cling to things that cannot provide security. In this practical book, author and pastor Ronald…

  • Friendship


    Kamden and Nana talk about true friends.

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    God Still Speaks


    The Key to Effective Discipleship

    Learn to hear God’s voice and live a life of obedience.

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  • I Want to Study the Bible

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    How can I get started with Bible study? This booklet is a very short introductory guide for someone with little or no background in Bible study. It provides a basic approach taken from the participatory Bible study method that is the basis of the Participatory Study Series from Energion Publications. This booklet includes a list…

  • Marriage Equality: Why Same-sex Marriage Is Good for the Church and Nation

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    Support for marriage equality is booming across America and the world. As people become more acquainted with gays and lesbians, they find their attitudes shifting and are rethinking their opposition not only to same-sex marriage but to gay rights in general. This book introduces the gay community to those who want to know more about…

  • Piglet’s Process: Process Theology for All God’s Children

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    Does theology have to be dry and boring in order to be serious? Not at all! The prophet Isaiah once said, “a little child will lead them.” But, what about a character from Winnie the Pooh? Can anxious, yet adventurous, Piglet help us understand our relationship with God and one another? Theology is serious business….

  • Process Theology and Politics


    How process theology can drive a new sense of ethics and community in our political relationships and programs.

  • Seventh-Day Adventists and the Bible

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    In debates about the authority of the Bible, people commonly argue that the Bible is inspired, even inerrant, and therefore that it has authority. Is this argument valid? Dr. Edward W. H. Vick argues that it is not, that authority does not derive from inspiration, and that terms like “inspiration” and “inerrancy” do not contribute…

  • Seventh-day Adventists Interpreting Scripture and Establishing Fundamental Doctrines


    What are the key experiences that have defined the traditional Seventh-day Adventist approach to hermeneutics? Veteran Seventh-day Adventist theologian and philosopher Edward W. H. Vick provides a brief answer to this question in this short book, with only 64 pages of text. Tracing the way interpretation was done starting with the Millerite movement in the…

  • The Church Under the Cross


    The cross has always been a scandal and sometimes a source of ridicule. At the same time, it is the central symbol of Christianity. Author William Powell Tuck believes that the cross has never been more relevant than it is today. It may be difficult to preach the cross, but it is the duty of…