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    Insights Toward Interdependence

    Evolving Mystical Humanist UU
    A Memoir of Head, Heart, and Soul

    An ethical/spiritual journey leading from life as a devout Catholic girl from a Louisiana mill town to a mystical humanist Unitarian Universalist. Connects life experiences with intellectual, spiritual, and ethical growth.

Fulfilling Our Mission

How the Scars to Stars Series fulfills our mission.

The Scars to Stars series helps

  • educate by stimulating creativity through sharing mini-memoirs that look at linking our experiences, our beliefs, and our behaviors,
  • energize readers by drawing attention to common life experiences and encouraging each person to non-judgmentally examine their own beliefs and behaviors and those of others, and
  • empower each reader by releasing the energy that results from a positive sense of self and community, of independence and interdependence.