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  • Faith in a Time of Pandemic


    A brief guide to responding faithfully in a time of fear such as the current (2020) pandemic.

  • The Church Under the Cross


    The cross has always been a scandal and sometimes a source of ridicule. At the same time, it is the central symbol of Christianity. Author William Powell Tuck believes that the cross has never been more relevant than it is today. It may be difficult to preach the cross, but it is the duty of…

  • The Rebirth of the Church


    Preview Subtitle:┬áResponding to the Call of Christian Discipleship Many negative voices predict the demise of the church, or even claiming it has already happened. Is this negative assessment accurate? Is there hope for the church? William Powell Tuck believes that there is. Drawing from a lifetime of experience as a pastor, honed by research, teaching…

  • A Cup of Cold Water: Being Jesus to the “Least of These”


    A “chance” meeting with a thirsty little girl on a back street in Haiti and God’s plan is received by the author, forever changing his life and that of his family. “And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup and of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to…

  • Ditch the Building


    Subtitle: Seven Ways the Church Could Go Rogue and Change Everything Sometimes going radical means getting to the root. Sometimes it means pulling something up by the roots. What is it that is keeping you from doing what God wants you to do? There are many books about how to do church “right.” There are…

  • Gomorrah Was Religious Too


    Chris Surber brings his passion for Christ again to his third book, Gomorrah Was Religious Too, as he writes “for all those who desire to follow after Christ sincerely, no pretense, no dishonesty, no self deception, and no duplicity. I wrote this book for me.” The impetus for this book came as he was reading…

  • Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire!


    Preview / Retailers Dr. Bob McKibben shares from his heart his understanding of the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit within the local church. Combining his experience as pastor, study, and a commitment to sound Biblical principles, Bob provides a checklist for pastors and churches to use in ministry and worship as they encounter…

  • Rite of Passage for the Home and Church


    Preview and Retailers Most of us today would agree that the children of this new millennium are growing up in a world that is filled with pitfalls and treacherous paths that previous generations have not had to negotiate. How do we prepare these children to not only survive these paths but be victorious? Father, former…

  • Seven Marks of a New Testament Church: A Guide for Christians of All Ages


    What is the church? What does it look like? What should it look like? For answers to these questions David Alan Black looks to the first century church and our founding documents in the New Testament. What were the characteristics of a Christian assembly in the first century? In his study he finds seven things…

  • Transforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as a 21st Century Gospel


    Is there a guide to Christian ministry that is both relevant and rooted in church history? Bruce Epperly believes that Acts of the Apostles can be a transformative book, a true gospel for the 21st century. In Healing Marks (Energion Publications, 2012), Dr. Bruce Epperly challenged Christians to take the healings of Jesus seriously as…

  • Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions?


    Everyone is called to be a missionary, and that call comes at the same time as the call to follow Jesus. The church in America has come to depend on professionals to “do ministry.” In many churches, the pastor, paid to do the job, is the one who is expected to carry out all functions…