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  • Consider Christianity Volume 1 Study Guide

    Preview / Retailers This study guide is designed to accompany Consider Christianity, Volume 1: Evidence for the Bible. It will help you, your small group, or our church congregation prepare themselves to give an answer for the hope that is … Read More
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  • Doing Apologetics

    Preview / Retailers Christian apologetics suffers from a reputation for loud arguments, canned answers, and a fascination with technical details. Some Christians avoid apologetics because they are either concerned about offending people, or because they are afraid they will be … Read More
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  • Faith and Reason

    Pre-Order: Shipping will begin March 1, 2021. Please read our pre-order policy. If you order an autographed copy, expect up to two weeks additional delay for shipping to the author, signing, and then shipping on to you. Consider Christianity Series, … Read More
    not rated $19.99