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  • God the Creator: Toward a More Robust Doctrine of Creation

    A short discussion of the major issues and views on origins in Christianity with a more serious discussion of what might go into a Christ-centered doctrine of creation

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  • The Creation and Flood Stories: An Introductory Aid to Understanding Source and Redaction Criticism

    A brief guide to source and redaction criticism of the early chapters of Geneis, using fonts and color coding to display various elements of the text.

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    From Inspiration to Understanding

    Dr. Edward W. H. Vick has a reputation for being abstract and detailed, and both of those qualities, along with thoroughness and comprehensiveness describe this book. I’m the author of When People Speak for God, a book on the same topic written for a much more general audience, and if this book had been published before mine, I would have doubtless had a hundred footnotes to Dr. Vick’s work.

    This book isn’t for everyone. It’s for the serious student. If you don’t want to think seriously about how the Bible came to be, how God inspires, and what this means for our studies, by all means avoid this book. But if you want to thoroughly study those issues making full use of philosophy and systematic theology, this book is for you.

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