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Conversations with my Grandchildren About God, Religion, and Life



Author: William Powell Tuck


Passing our faith from generation to generation is difficult. It has been this way from the time that Cain killed his brother, through Israel’s call for a king because Samuel’s sons were not like him, up to the present day when children reject their parents’ faith.

Prolific author (37 books and counting!) William Powell Tuck wants to “tell to the next generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, his might, and the wonderful things he has done” (Psalm 78:4).

In this book, he does so by answering serious questions from his grandchildren, many of whom are college age. He’s not afraid to address the controversial questions with them, including current issues of politics, climate change, and human sexuality. But all of these questions are addressed from a foundation of informed Christian faith, honed through years of preaching, teaching and writing. At the same time, he addresses questions from the younger grandchildren in simpler terms.

With an accessible, question and answer layout, the reader can find direction in addressing these topics during their own family discussions, or in teaching them in small groups, Sunday School, or even from the pulpit.

Every generation can benefit from this book, but those who teach will find it especially helpful. Shouldn’t that be every Christian?


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