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Faith in the Public Square



Author: Robert D. Cornwall

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What happens when a newspaper editor gives his primary editorial slot on Sundays to a pastor?

In the case of Bob Cornwall, a pastor in Troy, Michigan, the result is a series of relevant, interesting, and challenging essays that go well beyond the local scene while still managing to be relevant to Americans in their local situation. Now extensively revised and organized as to theme, these essays form a coherent statement of progressive Christianity at work in the public square. At the same time they are seasoned with a look at how the public square influences the spiritual life of a Christian living in mid-America. The 52 essays in this collection go well beyond one place and time. You will find yourself, your community, your state, your nation, and your world in each. Can a person of faith be involved in the public square with integrity? Is public policy made better by this action? Can faith remain whole and genuine following the encounter?

Read these essays to discover the answers, and perhaps find a new optimism for the future as you do.

Author Robert D. Cornwall comments on the use of the Bible as a prop (June 3, 2020).


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