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Holistic Spirituality: Life Transforming Wisdom from the Letter of James


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Preview this titleThe book of James has gotten a bad rap amongst Christians, especially modern protestants. It’s often considered not as theologically serious as the writings of Paul, nor as gracious as the gospels. For some it’s too works-oriented, for others just a bit obscure. Some have even questioned whether it is truly a Christian book. Let’s face it. You’re much more likely to see a seminary course on Romans or Galatians than on James, or to hear a sermon, for that matter Bruce Epperly doesn’t agree with that perspective. Not only does he think James has something important to say about the way we live as 21st century Christians, just as it did for 1st century Christians, but he also doesn’t think James is in opposition to Paul. He suspects the two apostles would have had no difficulty with each other’s theology. In this third volume of the Topical Line Drives series, he aims to direct readers to the important message of this little book for contemporary Christians. He provides a fresh orientation and focus to understanding the message. Once you’ve read his thoughts you’ll likely never read James in the same way again. Certainly, you won’t dismiss it.


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