Jonah: When God Changes



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What if someone you thought you knew very well started behaving strangely? What would you do? Now suppose the person acting strange was — God?

Jonah thought he knew God. In fact, he was a prophet. He knew he heard God’s voice. Life might have its difficulties, but no matter what happened, he could count on his God. Then one day God started saying things he couldn’t possibly mean.

What would you do if God commanded you to do something you knew couldn’t possibly be done? What if God commanded you to do something you definitely did not want to do? How would you preach if you hoped people wouldn’t listen?

Jonah faced these problems. In his story, many of us can find answers to those times when it’s hard to discern the right path.

This book is suitable as a guide to studying the book of Jonah, whether as an individual or a small group. It could also be a guide for a challenging sermon series.


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