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Love in a Time of Crisis and Pandemic


How can you talk positively with your children or grandchildren about living in a time of crisis such as a pandemic? Bruce Epperly points the way through conversations he has had with his grandchildren.

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Preview and RetailersHow can you talk positively with your children or grandchildren about living in a time of crisis such as a pandemic?

Our lives have been disrupted in so many ways, whether through economic hardship, such as lost jobs or closed businesses, or emotional hardship resulting from the lockdown. For many, it has been much worse. Your loved one may be dying in a hospital and you can’t even visit.

Adults have a difficult enough time sorting through this situation. What about our children? How do we talk to them and help them learn and grow, even as the world around them is deeply troubled?

Dr. Bruce Epperly has authored two previous books about this time of Pandemic: Faith in a Time of Pandemic, and Hope after Pandemic. In those books, he addressed letting our faith guide us through and motivate us to work for a better world following this difficult time. Now, in Love in a Time of Crisis and Pandemic, he offers words that can be shared with our children, words of faith, hope, and yes, of love.

This book will help you talk to your children, but it does so in a way that will help you as well. What can you do, what can you think about, and how can you live, so as to make the best of your current situation, no matter what that is?

This book is for everyone who needs courage to live in this time and to learn from it as a time of holy adventure.


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